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Write-Connections is a venture promoting young writers, providing a free resource, as well as events and competitions, to assist aspiring writers to get started and progress their writing careers. With a strong belief in the talent and the need for young writers in today’s book market, Write-Connections aims to provide the platform for writers of today and of the future.

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Writer? Attend the Self Publishing Summit!

NGP logo_image_-_final2

We wanted to let you know about a upcoming event from New Generation Publishing - the Self-Publishing Summit on 9th November at King's College London.
Whether interested in self-publishing, being traditionally published, help with your writing through to selling and marketing and the book industry in general, they have an absolutely fantastic  list of top professionals from the publishing industry taking part – publishers, agents, editors, authors, company owners and journalists, and many more.
For full details, visit and tickets are currently available at just £34.99 (+VAT). You can book by clicking the link on the page or by emailing  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

We suggest you give it a try and hope you enjoy the event!
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The world is your writing oyster

Almost 50% of authors are unsure if they own the world rights to their book.* In addition, only 1 in 10 authors have licensed their work to an overseas publisher.* These worrying statistics lead to the question - how do self-published or indie authors maximise the income from their work when they don't understand the rights they hold?

world-globe-in-oyster-vThe simple fact is that they often don't.

And one of the main reasons for this is because they are ignoring potential revenue streams from overseas markets.

For many authors book rights appear to be a mysterious world which is often misunderstood or simply ignored. We realise that the international rights arena can appear to be a complex one. But the fact is that despite sales of international and subsidiary rights making up a large proportion of a book's income for publishing houses, most authors continue to ignore the prospect of being published outside their own country or language.

However, do not fear, help is at hand.

When joining IPR License we immediately make your work part of an online database of available rights. Our global platform showcases your work to a worldwide publishing audience which can open up a number of doors to international, as well as domestic markets, which may previously have appeared out of reach.

As your work is part of our database for a full year we help level the playing field for indie, self-published and unpublished authors as member publishers can use our extensive online search to find any type of book, at any given time. They use this function to fill the gaps in their lists and as your work is available 24/7 this helps combat the problems of hitting the right editorial desk at exactly the right time to get the deal that it deserves.

We also send out a regular bulletin to over 3,000 publishers (not just our members) highlighting the projects we have available, both from member publishing houses and our indie/self-published/unpublished authors and we pass on any interest we receive and help authors get their work introduced to the right publishers at the right time.

Of course we can't guarantee that you will sell your work but we do firmly believe that joining us will give you the best opportunity to really capitalise on the potentially lucrative rights market both in the UK and internationally.

And as a special offer if you contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with the code WC25 you will receive a 25% discount on your first year's membership for those signing up before 1 May 2013.

*Data from the inaugural IPR License Author Index which quizzed published and aspiring authors on their knowledge of the rights they hold to their work

By Hannah Sheppard, Creative Director at IPR License

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Want to learn about writing from the perspective of publishers?

User Rating: / 6

Workshop picWrite-Connections is delighted to be holding its first Writers' Workshop of the year in London on 10th April 2-4pm. Places are just £25 and the Workshop will be focused on The Art of Writing: A Publishers Perspective. Book now!


  • Hannah Sheppard - Creative Director, IPR License
  • Andrew Blackman - author of award-winning On The Holloway Road and A Virtual Love
  • Jennifer Barclay - Editor, formerly Commissioning Editor of Summersdale
  • Tom Chalmers - Managing Director of Legend Times (Legend Press, Paperbooks, Legend Business, New Generation Publishing and Write-Connections) and IPR License  

Led by top industry experts, breaking down the art of writing and how writers can improve their craft, and chance of being published. Direct from the publishers and editors, advice and guidance for throughout the writing process, including:

  • The Idea
  • Characters
  • Planning
  • Starting off
  • Pace
  • Genre
  • The Hook
  • Polishing
  • Ready for submission
  • What publishers and agents are looking for
  • What really sells

Also includes a Q&A with the literary professionals and a chance to make connections within the industry.

To book your place at just £25 per writer, click here.


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And the award goes to…..

With the gimagesCAW058BFlitz and the glamour of the Oscars now just a distant memory, let's focus on how the dominating feature in this year's awards wasn't Jennifer Lawrence 'falling' or Jack Nicholson trying to chat her up afterwards (if you haven't seen the clip on You Tube it is quite funny) it was the fact that five of the six big winners on the night were from films adapted from books or articles.

The best picture winner Argo was originally based on an article for Wired magazine by writer Joshuah Berman originally published in 2007. Meanwhile, of the four top acting awards, three went to stars who appeared in films based on books. Winner of the best actor award Daniel Day-Lewis for Lincoln was based on the 2005 Doris Kearns Goodwin biography Team of Rivals. The best actress winner Jennifer Lawrence starred in Silver Linings Playbook which was adapted from the 2008 novel of the same name by Matthew Quick. Best supporting actress winner Anne Hathaway starred in Les Miserables, a musical adaptation of the 1862 Victor Hugo classic. In addition, director Ang Lee took the award for best director for the film Life of Pi, based on the 2001 novel of the same title.

With Cloud Atlas already making waves in 2013 it really does underline how film producers of all sizes and budgets are relying more than ever on book adaptations and authors for fresh, new material. Opportunities arise every day as the film industry continues to appear increasingly bereft of its own ideas and turns to published pieces of literature for inspiration. You never know it might be your work that gets turned into the next blockbuster though a mixture of promoting it in the right place and a little bit of good fortune.

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Triple Dip Inspiration

PicThe recent news that Jane Austin’s novels were inspired by her family’s financial troubles should come as no surprise. Over the 100s of years of the book industry, some of the finest work has been driven by personal hardship.

 It has not been sunny skies and personal content that has led to most of the best work. No – poverty, heartbreak, repression, discrimination, addiction, illness and heartbreak have driven many thousands of pens to paper to produce some of the best writing in literary history.

 Would War and Peace have worked as Serenity and Peace? Would The Invisible Man have worked as The Man Who Was Widely Accepted? Would Jane Eyre have worked had the woman in the attic turned out to be a family friend keen for Rochester to settle down with Jane?

 As the government currently lead us into an unprecedented Triple Dip Recession – the current doom and gloom should act as inspiration to aspiring writers. Here is the opportunity to take the current pain, push the boundaries and write that timeless classic.

 What the book industry is calling out for currently is not the conservative and safe but writers who act as conduits for what people are feeling now. Not a gentle meander but work that strikes a powerful chord with readers today.

 If history has shown anything in art, it is that extreme circumstances provide inspiration for the unforgettable work. So, while we are all hoping for a change in financial circumstances, as a writer don’t miss this opportunity – start on that timeless novel now.



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